Featured Ensemble Director

Robert J. Vega

Rauner College Prep, Chicago, IL

Prior to college, he started his music career by playing as a bugler on the USS Constitution in Charlestown, MA. After his Naval service, he then went on to further his musical studies and attended Berklee College Music. With a concentration in Music Education, Mr. Vega thrived in the education department under the instruction of his professors. He was given the KORG endowed scholarship for improving the recruitment for the schools Nafme student chapter membership by double. Upon graduating, his first teaching job was at the Murphy school in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Mr. Vega believed that his services are best served working in the inner city where he can best preserve music education where its needed most. After 2 years, he returned back to his home in Chicago to start a band program near the neighborhood he grew up in. One of the greatest achievements he received was the honor of 2012 People Magazine’s Teacher of the Year award which was presented to him by Grammy Award winning artist John Legend in New York. In April 2018, he will receive the prestigious Berklee College of Music alumni achievement award.

Rauner College Prep Bands focuses on three main principals: Commitment, Teamwork, and Confidence Building. Many of the students who start our band program have little to no experience playing a musical insturment or have been in a music class before Rauner. Our job is to build their skills in reading a foreign language, assist in the understanding of how music is cross curricular; utilizing mathematical fractions, and ascertain the historical and emotional impacts that music has developed over the centuries. The ultimate goal: a life long love and appreciation of music.
Our award-winning bands have competed across the country from Chicago all city and the IHSA Festivals, the New Trier Jazz Festival, the Rolling Meadows Jazz Festival, and many more. We pride ourselves on having one of the largest band programs in the city and continue to rank comparably with selective schools across the city of Chicago.

          January 26, 2019